What is SafeGarment?
SafeGarment is a retail clothing display that protects coats and jackets from theft.
How does SafeGarment work?
SafeGarment uses a patented locking hanger that when used in conjunction with our display racks secures garments without the use of batteries or cabling.
How secure is SafeGarment?
SafeGarment is tough and reliable. When used properly SafeGarment can provide years of theft deterrence. Stores using SafeGarment have reported the product's success through 'zero shrinkage.' Internally, we have put our system through hours of physical testing to assure it's tamper-resistant integrity. SafeGarment 8 position changeable locks use a patented key pattern available only through your SafeGarment representative.
Why would your retail Loss Prevention Department want SafeGarment?
Proper security requires maintenance and diligence. By eliminating sensor clips or plugs, that can go unreturned to garments, and removing power supplies and batteries, that can short or run out of charge, SafeGarment lessens the security burden on the retail sales employee. SafeGarment achieves this by implementing a reliable lock mechanism and tight key control.
What makes SafeGarment a sound decision for a retailer's Visual Department?
While some systems on the market can protect like SafeGarment, only SafeGarment maintains a tidy retail space. SafeGarment hangers swing back to a neutral position after customer browsing, keeping the garments evenly spaced and retail space looking organized. The clothing displayed on SafeGarment hangs naturally, without wires, and doesn't mark or penetrate the garment's fabric. SafeGarment displays are also customizable. SafeGarment employs professional industrial designers to reconfigure displays to meet the goals of the visual department. Custom labels, colors, and finishing are also available to best suit the needs of your visual experts.
Where is SafeGarment made?
SafeGarment is made in the U.S.A.